Saturday, May 23, 2009

Interracial Dating: Who Cares?

I was reading about Russell Simmons and his young tenderonies "beefing" online and I got to thinking about interracial dating (black man with white woman only.) When I gave it some real thought I could only conclude that I don't really care if a black man dates a white woman. I've peeped the black men who only date white women, and really, these men aren't even desired by the average black woman.

The Black man who only dates outside of his race usually has one or more of the following characteristics:

1 - Inferiority complex - seeking to build himself up by being with a race that he perceives to be better than his
2 - Corney
3 - Controlling
4 - Boring
5 - Nothing in common with the average black person
6 - Insecure
7 - An a-hole in the worst way

So as Frankie would say, at the end of the day, white women actually do black women a great service by hooking up with these guys and giving them the kind of relationships that we simply don't have any interest in giving them. When I see an interracial couple I just smile and thank her for scooping up the dead weight.

Still, it amuses me that some white women didn't get the memo that exotic race women have moved up the list of black male must-haves. White women are almost as far down the list as black women now. (I half kid. I half kid.) The day of the white woman is ova! (Say it like Martin says "the day of the Geechie is over!" @ 2:09 -- I love this clip!)


  1. If they like then I love it! My only prob is those who date outside their race and have the nerve to bash the races that they dont date(if that makes sense)

    And LOL at MArtin!

  2. Too funny. I agree with you Smokie. It's not even that serious.

  3. I can't totally agree. You're right about OJ Simpson, and Tiger. But some of the most boring and controlling men are not exceptions or special at all.

    I just can't help but feel indirectly offended when I see them together, it just seems unnatural. Please tell me why?


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