Thursday, May 14, 2009

Surprise Ending

No, the sexy thang above didn't just win a cherry eating contest. She got drove by a slim blonde rebel who was READY. (It gets real good in the middle. I remember when people used to break up girl fights. Now they just fight until they can’t go any more. Thank God for the new days – and messy men with cameras!)



  1. Ole girl dug in that azz!!! I almost felt sorry for the biggun.

  2. I feel bad for laughing so hard! I swear I thought the big gurl was gon' do her, talk abt a surprise twist! When she fell and couldn't get back up it was OVER!

  3. I could tell fat ass and company were scared, probably cause neither could fight, didn't want to. you gotta be fast, stay on your feet. all that falling down is a garauntee you're gonna get whooped.

    Fat ass need to buy some thai-bo tapes and get ready, cause everybody is going to want to whoop her ass.


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