Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Do It!

In case I didn't mention it before, I thought this was hilarious! A man gets fed up with another man's suicide threat so he pushes him off the bridge after an hours long standoff. LOL LOL! I don't blame him. Story

This reminds me of a situation some years back. I was young and seeing this guy on the side. He had a girlfriend, but I didn't know about her until THIS particular day. Anyhoo.... the girl calls me up and I talk to her and tell her to pick me up for lunch so we can talk more. (I will turn a disagreement into a female bonding session if at all possible. The MAN was at fault.) On our way to lunch, we cross the Ship Chanel and she says, full of distraught at her man's cheating, "I should just jump off of here now." Then, before I realized it I said, "You want to pull over?" She was shocked of course. And needless to say, she did NOT pull over.


  1. I wouldn't kill myself for no-mf'in-body.
    I hope to always be ontop of my shit when each and every person who has ever done me wrong, from the slightest to the mightiest, get thiers.
    I don't have to see it, or be near them, just knowing that NOT stabbing them, chopping them up, and bar-b-queing thier putrid ass is not right and no person is deserving of that. no one.

  2. lol that sounds like some ish my grandma would say


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