Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama 'Wassups' Michael Steele

"Wassup?!" LOL LOL!

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  1. Good for Obama! Michael Steele is a bright and intellegent mess.

    My does Michael always look like he's in black-face?

    Oh, and I don't like an this comedic shuck-n-jive show of Obama's. This weekend so many civilians died in Swat Valley caught in fighting amidst the Taliban and Pakistani armies. I'm almost getting irritated with all this joking and what not, I really wish he were more serious.

  2. But joking is a part of the White House Correspondence Dinner. Obama's been very serious while he's tackled issue after issue in 2009. You have to switch it up sometimes and joke or you won't, ultimately, be as effective. If he never joked he'd be TOO stressed and would probably make poor decisions. It's about balance, as Michelle so accuratly says.

  3. LMAO! Obama must've heard about Mr. Steele and the "magic negro" comments that were made.

    And Mr President is nice because My words to Michael Steele would've been HI HATER...


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