Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beyonce - Creole

CLICK HERE to download Beyonce's Creole.

They are going to HATE her for this one.

This isn't a great track, but it's ok. I really don't want to go here, but I must. In all fairness, I would be highly pissed off if a dark skinned sista made a song about "black bones". I'd feel left out, and I'd be offended at the skin color reference. I'd send a scathing letter to her record label.

I don't mind Beyonce singing about her Creole heritage, but I don't like the "red bone" and "yellow bone" references. I don't like what it insinuates, and I don't appreciate that the song throws us back 20 years. Granted, she does mention "brown bones", but those references are clearly thrown in just to avoid an uproar. It's obvious that Beyonce comes from that old "paper bag" group of Louisiana coon asses; she doesn't even realize how offensive the song can be. I LOVE Beyonce, but I don't want her to make songs like this.


  1. Amen. This is so sad. Beyonce now qualifies for the award for biggest waste of talent in the 21st century! How embarrassing. She needs to go to school.

    This is what songs like these create:

    It's soooo sad how many young girls will have their self esteem crushed by songs like these that further divide people who have no pride already.

  2. Beyonce didnt need this song. She didnt need to make this kind of statement.

  3. I agree, Smokie. This really could have been handled better.

  4. I believe this album will flop and she'll run and hide for a couple of years. I'm abou sick and tired of WEAVE WOMAN


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