Thursday, August 24, 2006

DMX Cancels Concert for Soldiers

DMX cancelled a week-long tour to entertain troops in Kuwait and Iraq. He offered no explanation. Simmons was scheduled to depart on his tour Aug. 22, but delayed his departure until Aug 23. His representative agreed to add a day to the original schedule. However, on Aug. 23, he failed to appear on time for his flight to Kuwait.

"We are extremely disappointed that DMX decided not to complete the tour he asked us to arrange for him," said John Hanson, USO senior vice president for marketing and communications. "When we announced this tour, troops were extremely excited about the possibility of seeing a performer they admired. We understand their disappointment."

DMX and Lauryn Hill should come with a warning: Book at your own risk.

Why do people keep expecting DMX to act less DMX-ish? You can't give a crack head a scheduled date and get mad when he doesn't appear. It's the risk you take.

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