Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Charlie, Last Name Wilson

Yes, I feel "old" for this entry, but I have to do it.

Charlie Wilson: 40+, braids, posed, and supposedly straight. I'm troubled that R. Kelly might look like him in 10 years if he doesn't cut his hair. It's OK now for the lil pisser, but a man has to be careful about how long he sports braids. There has to be a specific and reasonable cut off date. And for God's sake, he shouldn't start wearing braids past 30 (ala Bobby Brown). But, I digress. That's not really the point.

The lead singer of the Gap Band can still sing. I laugh at him for looking like a caricature, but he's plenty talented. I really like his new song, No Words, although I'm sliiiightly disturbed by it. Only Charlie can sing from a woman's point of view and get away with it. (Well, Prince could, but that's Prince.) I can't help but think that Charlie, Last Name Wilson is singing this one to his lover. Bravo, Bitch. Bravo.

Click here to listen to NO WORDS

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