Thursday, August 24, 2006

Kim Porter Expecting Twin Girls

Baby news doesn't excite me. Making a baby is the easiest thing you can possibly do in life. However, Puff and Kim Porter are reportedly expecting twin girls. Congrats!

ODDS AND ENDS is reporting that Kanye West got engaged to stave off rumors of a closer than close relationship with John Legend. I believe it.

K-Fed Performs
Really, I didn't want to post this. I resisted as long as I could, but isn't it so embarassing? I'm not even white, and I'm embarassed for him.

Outkast Not Breaking Up, Still
[Break up] rumors are likely to be intensified after the release of the flick [Idlewild], which has a mere handful of scenes featuring Andre and Big Boi together.

"It was Bryan Barber," insisted Andre, looking over at a nodding Big Boi. "He wrote [the script] that way. It was just a clever way of not doing the obvious, where we are in every scene sharing the job.""It's unfortunate that people would look at it and say, 'They ain't wantin' to be in scenes together, because they don't like each other,' " he laughed. "We had nothing to do with the script, honestly."

"We love all you haters, man," Big Boi insisted, putting his arm around Andre. "They've been saying it for three records. 'They're breaking up?' 3 million albums. 'They're breaking up?' 4 million albums. 'They're breaking up?' 10 million records sold.

"Keep on, haters; we love the feeling you're giving us," he continued, looking at Andre.

"There's a brotherhood right here that nobody can dispel, between me and him. This is my dog. Before there was Outkast or a movie or anything, it was Antwan and Andre and we had an idea. There's a mutual respect here — we're not breaking up, we're just busy as hell and we can't be together all the time; we're grown men."


  1. hey Smokie Smokes, you know that was Ashton Kutcher from a SNL skit?

    awwww, you knew that.

  2. "hey Smokie Smokes, you know that was Ashton Kutcher from a SNL skit?"

    Thanks. I'd posted the wrong video. I changed it.


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