Sunday, August 27, 2006

Foxy the Thief

I'll take these!

The owner of a New York boutique filed a complaint against Foxy Brown, alleging the rapper stole two expensive belts worth $400 last Thursday (Aug. 24).

Brown, who was a longtime client of upscale boutique Limpasse, allegedly went into a rage as she was picking up lingerie she left for alterations that had not been finished.

A surveillance camera captured Foxy Brown upset, cursing at the clerk and waving her arms wildly. According to the New York Post, the rapper allegedly haggled over the price of a gold rhinestone belt. She then put the belt in her bag and grabbed another one without paying.

Limpasse's owner Tony Khayat said that Brown had displayed "diva behavior" in previous encounters, but had never seen the rapper go to such an extreme.

Earlier that evening Brown allegedly almost attacked a 17-year-old family friend in Brooklyn. "She drove the car really close to me," Sheena Parker told the New York Post. "I was really surprised and said, 'Hey! What are you doing?'

Brown then allegedly got out of the car, shouting and running toward Parker before allegedly threatening the girl. Brown was allegedly dissuaded when irate motorists convinced Brown to drive away.

On Wednesday (Aug. 23), Brown skipped a court date in Jersey City Municipal Court to respond to charges filed by a former assistant.

Rasheeda Ellis accuses the Brown of terrorist threats [?], harassment and verbal abuse, after she attempted to collect back bay from the rapper.

A new court date of Sept. 26 has been set in that case. On Monday (Aug. 28), Brown will stand trial for for allegedly assaulting employees in a
Manhattan nail salon last August.

You would THINK that after her
hearing was restored, Inga would've stopped acting a fool. But, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt: she might be headed for a nervous breakdown; she might be on prescription drugs since the surgery; she might be broke (since I can't remember her last hit). Or, she might be an overindulgent, shopaholic divitch (diva+bitch) who's pissed because her star has fallen.

It would be nice if she could put all of this dramatic energy into a couple of audible songs.

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