Sunday, August 20, 2006

Puff and Nicole - "Come to Me"

Just admit it: Puff's hot right now. Yung Joc. Cassie (Me & U sounds good un-live), and now Nicole Scherzinger from the P Cat Dolls. She is the real star of this lil gem. I love her rhythmic voice.

I love this song. Aside from Nicole's on-point vocals, it's always interesting watching Puff dance. Here he is, 15 lbs. heavier and noticeably knock-kneed, but And I love his perseverance. He does not stop. Baby mama drama, gun cases, and flops (Da Band, Faith's latest, Biggie Duets) -- yet he keeps right on making music, clothes, and cologne. Now, he's making hits again. It's a really good look.

If everyone one of us would apply that tireless drive behind everything we believe in, we'd be successful too. I hope that while we are loving the music, we are also learning the lessons behind it: Perseverance. Hard work. Believing in your dreams and contributing to their fruition every day.

Oh yeah, I have a play coming to the Encore Theater in March 2007 called Lovin' and Lyin'. You should enjoy it. More info later.

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