Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tyler Perry Beats the S(*! out of Master P

No, Tyler Perry didn't lay a hand on Master P, but he should. Do you see this?!?! As a writer, I am appalled!

Is Master P's
upcoming play the $5 version of the Madea dynasty? WTF?!?! I'm pretty sure he's violating some serious copyright laws with this.

In a
recent article, Master P compares the play to Tyler Perry's box office hit Madea, which also began as a stage play. "Madea opened the door, and there hasn't been another character who could stand on his own," Master P says. "This is a great opportunity to open up a lot more doors for other people to have a play based around a character."

Yeah, she opened the door, but she didn't mean for your country ass to walk inside and take over her house. If you will allow me to go back to '85 -- Master P has got to be the most bitin' nigga in the game. He's one of the most talentless celebs out there, and he's been known to profit from another person's idea/originality. Why does P's play have to include a man dressed in drag, TOO? This is Tyler's chance to show us that he's a real man [insert snicker] and slap the accent out of Master P. Or at least sue.

I'll be you my last blunt that P's transvestite character will recite lines DIRECTLY out of Madea's mouth. Unbelievable!

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