Thursday, August 3, 2006

Puffy's Troubles

Is Puff humping a MAN? Ok, THIS isn't the story, but it damn sure needs to be!

According folks in ATL, Puffy tried to pay off a chic named Sara ($1M) to keep quiet about the baby she just had for him. She didn't accept the money, but Kim is supposed to be irrate and threatening to leave.

#1 - would he care? and #2 - would she dare?

HELL NO. I think Puff could screw Kim's sister, aunt, cousin, and mama in her face and she'd still be down.

If I were Puff, I would have long ago forgotten what coochie actually feels like. With all the money he has he shouldn't raw bang anythang -- not even himself. Never know: the maid might run into some of that expensive semen and file suit.

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