Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Agree 100%...

...with B. Scott!

"A snap/reflex is a single hit." Right. I agree with every word in this video. I'm no Rihanna Stan by a looong shot, but the support for Chris Brown is mind boggling.

Before the beatdown, I was a strong fan of Chris Brown. I will still support him eventually, but a discussion has to be had and wrongs have to be righted! You know, to be honest, if Chris Brown put out some music that I liked I'd listen to it. I'd still support him in that sense, but I do not CONDONE the alleged beatdown he gave Rihanna. I'm angry that the actions of a man, separate and apart from his career, are being swept under the rug by so many women. I can't support R. Kelly because he's a pedophile, but if Chris Brown owned up to this, for good or bad, I'd be able to separate the man from the music. I think.

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