Friday, February 27, 2009

One Big Happy Family

Do you get along with your ex? Does your ex get along with the person you are with now? Do you get along with the person your ex is with?

Well, 'round here we all get along and party like one big family. It's so wild. LOL My ex and his new, pregnant wife just stopped by for a drink (she didn't drink) after attending the rodeo cookoff. I don't mind chilling with them sometimes, but that ex of mine can take it too far with the friendly. Case in point: Tonight he recruited my husband to some "old man's" basketball league. Bear says they'll kick him off the team because although he's 38 in years, he's 21 on the court. He honestly thinks the only person who might be able to dunk on him is LeBron James. (I think he's right.:-))

You know, it wasn't always like this. I can remember when my ex and I broke up and he bitched out like he was the baby mama. Everywhere I turned, there he was. On a date? He was at the next table. At a concert? He was 3 seats down. Getting in late from the club? He'd pull into my driveway before I did. Then, after a year or so of me continuing to live my life and doing MY thing, he backed off and we became family. I've went out with all of his wives (this is his third), and my son thrives in such a relaxed and secure environment. A child can't have enough love.

Do I always get my child support on time? HELL NO. But, my son is old enough to get money from his dad and his rich wife at any time and I refuse to sweat the small stuff. We good. (And I'll definitely get my back pay eventually.)

And, no I don't have any problems from my husband's ex wife either. If she lived in Houston, I'm sure we'd be kicking it from time to time too -- that is, if my husband could tolerate her. LOL

What is your extended family situation like? Demi and Bruce? Kimora and Russell? Or do you let grown people b.s. stop you from getting along?


  1. I love blended families w/o the drama. My situation: separated for abt 2 yrs and divorced for 6 mths. We are both single but dating so no one serious for introductions yet. I hear about his summer girlfriends and her kid(s) and it's cool with me but he is still in that "I want you back" mode. We do live about 4 hrs apart so any drama might be to a minimum simply because of the distance....always good!

  2. I love blended families. These are simply mature adults that 'get it'....simply getting over themselves and being there for their children. great post.

  3. I try to get along with everyone, but my man's ex is a snobby bich. I'm myself around her, but if left to my own conclusion, I'd say she still wants a crack at my hubby. 4 years in - who cares how she feels now.

    I'm sure that she has plenty nasty things to say about me, but as for me I'll decline to go into depth other than to say - she's snobbish and bichy.

    If she speaks 'whatev', if she doesn't 'whatev'.


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