Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If Michelle Were President...

... would the average black woman support her long-term? Or would we get jealous and hater-fied and resent her for being so together? (Beyonce anybody? YES, I just compared Michelle Obama to Beyonce Knowles Carter.)

On the flip side, President Obama is in a safe cocoon of black love. It takes a lot for a black woman to turn against a public black male figure - no matter how stereotypically bitter the black woman is rumored to be. Really, about the only thing a public black male figure of celebrity status can do to lose the black woman's love is to screw around with a white woman...or with a bad ass black woman. If Obama can resist the Monica Lewinsky's and random groupies of the world, he's set with us.

And, interestingly enough, he's set with the brothas, too. Their "code" doesn't really allow too much room for hate. Other than the classic hood dudes who didn't vote for him anyway (or anyone), most black men won't cut and run from any team they support. The brothas are supporting Team Obama.

I sure hope that we'll keep supporting our First Lady, too. I hope we don't start comparing her life with ours and get pissed when we come up short because ladies we WILL come up short—on the strength of her husband being the first Black President of the United States, alone! Then when you top that with her workout regimen, rearing of her daughters, career achievements, and unwavering on point attitude...whew! Let's keep sending her the love. This is surely not an easy job even for a woman as astute as our First Lady Obama.


  1. I really can't stand our women being so crabby against one another. I don't know if its not exploited like our race, but you CERTAINLY don't see these shenanigans with white women. It breaks my heart.

  2. I love Michelle.

    Saved Girl, I think the white women keep their thoughts to themselves. They'll definitely always be supportive. Outwardly at least.

  3. Yea saved girl...white women are the same way, they are usually fake about it.

    If a black woman doesnt like your ass you will know she doesnt like your ass, now if a white woman doesnt like your ass, you might not know up until the point she crosses you.



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