Friday, February 6, 2009

Rick Ross Responds to 50 Cent

Rick Ross - Kiss My Pinky Ring (50 Cent Diss)

Don't be asking 50 Cent to kiss no fake/leased/borrowed ring. I don't even cut for 50 Cent like that, but how insulting can Rick Ross really get against 50? "Spend that money, Monkey"...? That's it? I guess when you can't call someone broke, out of shape, or fraud you're left with...Monkey.



  1. Rick shouldve just let this one go..sometimes waving the white flag isnt always a bad idea..

    besides we all saw what happened to Ja Rule

  2. Rick ross is just a snitch ass cop fake ass bitch he ant shit look at who he talks too like fake ass J-Z 50cent has street credit Rick ross has cop credit he ant the one too talk he needs to take the money and leave before he gets wack for running his mouth


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