Monday, February 2, 2009

Michael Steele is Still Irrelevant

... and he's as goofy as he looks.

So this man, Michael Steele, is the first black leader of the republican party. This means zero, nothing, nada, not one damn thing to me because I've spent the past few years throwing balled up pieces of paper at his face on the television screen. Too many times I've wanted to slap the White Idiot off of Micheal Steele.

I guess Juan Williams was just TOO dumb to get the spot, huh?

I've noticed some bloggers and journalists congratulating Michael Steele, but I don't want to congratulate him any more than I wanted to celebrate when Clarance Thomas sat his ineffective butt in the Supreme Court chair.

And isn't it just like the slave who doesn't want to leave good ole Massa to try to start up ish with the slave who bought his family's freedom?

First Black Republican leader Michael Steele says he will go after Barack Obama

Michael Steele, the first black leader of the Republican Party, has thrown down the gauntlet to Barack Obama, warning the first African American president that his party will give the Democrats a run for their money in every community in America.

Mr Steele, the former lieutenant governor of Maryland, won election as chairman of the Republican National Committee on Friday after six hotly contested rounds of voting. His victory was seen as an admission by Republicans that the party has become ineffective in reaching out to black and Hispanic voters, who voted in overwhelming numbers for Mr Obama in November.

Mr. Steele, a regular on cable television will be the high profile face of the party until the Republicans begin selecting a presidential candidate in 2011.

He wasted no time in making clear that he has the new president personally in his sights, saying he would torpedo the public perception that the Republicans are "a party unconcerned about minorities, a party that's unconcerned about the lives and dreams of average Americans." Mr Obama was politely dismissive of Mr Steele when he ran unsuccessfully for the senate in 2006. Asked what he would say to Mr Obama now, Mr Steele said: "I would say to the new president, congratulations. It is going to be an honour to spar with him. And I would follow that up with: How do you like me now?"
You doofus minstrel show negro. Don't you see that they are up to their same old tricks: pitting black man against black man, and sitting back to enjoy the show. And the cold part about it is.... they didn't really want you anyway. Six hotly contested rounds of voting?

The Republican party is just doing a repeat of McCain's poor campaign strategy of latching on to the "Change" theme. Can't the Republicans do anything original? Why can't they get their own "cool" thing? The Republicans can't compete with the Democrats top black man with a MICHAEL STEELE!

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  1. You know whats really sad? The fact that most of these republicans still think theres a presidential race going on...SMH, its over, Obama won, no really..I watched the inauguration, so I wish they would all drink some prune juice and let the ish go


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