Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chris Brown Assaults Rihanna?

The good news? Rihanna didn't perform at the Grammy's.

The bad news? Probably because Chris Brown blackened her eye.

Yep, it looks like Chris Brown and Rihanna missed the Grammy's because they got into it around 12:30 am Sunday morning after leaving Clive Davis' party. Witnesses report watching them argue in the car, then jump out the car and... I guess Chris Brown got physical.

Bossip is reporting that they were arguing because Rihanna gave him herpes. I mean, damn.

Chris didn't look too happy at Clive's party either.

Did Chris Brown really get in that azz? Is Rihanna telling the truth? Did she throw the first lick?Was she really stalking him? Did she give him herpes?

I don't advocate violence against women for any reason other than real true self-defense, but ooooh weeee! These kids are doing way too much.


  1. I just hope that they put him in the baby tank, he can't be all chum chummy with those hardened criminals.

  2. If the rumor about the herpes isnt true, whoever started it should win a medal for the best spread false rumour of all time and definately the 2009 champion......

  3. i understand C.Brown turned himself in; so is anyone pressing charges at this point?


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