Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Racism in America, Cartoon Style

What more, really, is there to say? This is so on point that it's baffling in its simplicity.

Spotted at RealTalk NY

And while I'm on the subject of cartoons:

Hell yeah, this is racist cartoon. Sure, we know that Obama didn't write the bill and the argument could be made that a bunch of idiots created the Stimulus Bill that Obama signed. If that's the case, why is there only ONE monkey being shot in the cartoon? Why not different sized monkeys representing everyone who wrote the bill?

But even with the obvious racial undertones of the picture, I'm not mad. It's just a cartoon and I'd much rather WE get in an uproar about raggedy school buildings that lack adequate supplies and funding, black on black violence, and issues that relate specifically to and hold Black people down. Eff a cartoon. Go protest police brutality, how blacks are represented on television, Darfur, or anything that will really make a difference. A cartoon protest is an unnecessary waste of valuable activist time.

Click here to read John Legend's editor to the NY Post regarding the cartoon.


  1. 100% cosigning on this post. Chile, I was listening to Michael Baisden one day and he was profiling Detroit public schools. He said a public school principal had to send a letter home to teachers and students requesting donations for soap, toilet paper and light bulbs!!! Now you know thats just sad.

  2. @ saved girl, thats a shame!

  3. I could care less that they are going back to 'olden' times calling Obama a monkey. And who cares that he didn't write it, only signed it? I am focused on white people really want to kill out president. Cartoonist have drawn politically themed cartoons forever. I remember when I was a child there were these cartoons that they drew of Gorbechov (?)and his mole. This cartoon only captured real concern of a certain people.........just like the Boondocks.


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