Sunday, February 8, 2009

2009 Grammy's zzzzzz

D@mn the Grammy's were boring. I started watching an hour late and still caught up too soon because I had to fast forward just about eeeverything. UH!

The BET Awards this was not.

This was pretty good. T.I. looked great and Kanye is ...weird. Lil Wayne's focus is always on being diff-er-ent. And Jay-Z's hair? Where, exactly, is Jay-Z going with this? I just want to see the end result because surely this is just the ugly beginning stages of some super fly hair

Jennifer Hudson did her thing. It started out a little shaky and unclear but she ended up in that place that only Jennifer can go. I mean she just rides the song. Beautiful! I think her fiance loves her too. There was something in his eyes.

List of winners here.

More Grammy pictures here.

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