Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Problem With LisaRaye

I think by now we all know that LisaRaye married a hustling, overspending, raping (alleged), playa. He came into the marriage a chubby man, then lost that weight and got buck wild:
  • 2 kids by other women while married to LisaRaye
  • Leasing cars he couldn't afford
  • Getting a $7million loan in LisaRaye's name
  • Letting Rosci host parties at the crib while LisaRaye was out of town
  • The list goes on and on.
We understand that he's an asshole, but what's LisaRaye's problem? She knew about the women and probably knew about everything else that man was doing and STILL she didn't want to leave him. He had to leave her. She was more than willing to "work on her marriage". All LisaRaye cared about was that dolla dolla bill and the title of "First Lady".

How many women are just like this, but on a much smaller scale? How many women say WHATEVER to the man's shenanigans just so they can shop til they drop and walk around with a "title" such as "wife", "baby mama", or "main gal"? (Gal may be a Houston term.) And for the record, I do NOT believe that LisaRaye was raised in an upper class family as she recently claimed. How can you possibly be upper class and not have one drop of actual "class" fall on you? I can believe that her dad was a hustler and they were hood rich, but upper class? UPPER class, LisaRaye? Prove it.

In my opinion, LisaRaye and Michael Misick are birds of a feather and all of this ghetto fallout is what happens when two birds get together and shit all over each other in the game.

I'm usually always on the woman's side, but uh uh LisaRaye. Too much. Read the full court transcript here.


  1. And I dont feel sorry for her

  2. I'm conflicted on my thoughts about LisaRaye. On one hand, my heart doesn't drop all the way to the ground b/c I believe she is reaping what she has sown in the past (if the gossip about her messing around with married Gary Payton is true), but on the other hand, I do feel sorry for her current state (maybe b/c I'm tender b/c of my current circumstance and wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy). I don't know...I guess I feel sorry for her a little, smile.


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