Friday, February 27, 2009

Reunited...? says that Rihanna and Chris Brown are holed up in one of Diddy's cribs in Miami and TMZ has "confirmed" they are back together.

Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

The pair have reunited almost three weeks after Brown, 19, allegedly battered the "Umbrella" singer on Feb. 8, a source tells PEOPLE. "They're together again. They care for each other," says the source. The on-again couple are currently spending time together at one of Sean "Diddy" Combs's homes, on Miami Beach's Star Island. Adds the source: "While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves."In its latest issue, PEOPLE reports that Brown called Rihanna on her 21st birthday one week ago. "He called to wish her happy birthday," a source told the magazine. "They've reached out to each other. It's been mutual."

Brown was booked by LAPD for making criminal threats but
the case has not yet been presented to the District Attorney, who will ultimately determine which charges, if any, will be prosecuted.
You know what? I aint got time for this ish. If she like it, I love it.

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  1. 'Tis young love. Some women like to be punched repeatedly close fisted in the face, while pinned agaist the concrete, right before he chokes you into passing out. not me.


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