Sunday, April 19, 2009

Natural Hair ... Professional or Not?

Don't even answer that.

How can the hair that you were born with ever be considered"unprofessional"? Is straight hair the only texture that's "professional"? Mind boggling. Sad. Crazy.

FoxNews ran a story about the number of Black women who don't workout because they are worried about messing up their hair. I totally understand preferring relaxed hair and I know first hand how difficult it can be to exercise with a relaxer in your head, but come on...there's no need to apologize or explain why you're wearing your natural hair to your co-workers. It's just hair! As long as you wear a contained, modest style (or a wild one if you work in a creative field) then who cares about the texture? I WISH I would get fired for rocking a natural. PLEASE fire me because of my hair. (Y'all just don't know how much I wish I could get unfairly discriminated against or sexually harassed at work. $$$)

I couldn't help but cringe as I watched the black female news reporter in Chicago down playing her natural hair. "It does hold a curl, that's one good thing about it. The only good thing." Something like that, of course I paraphrased a little.

Then, Fox News presents Happy Nappy Hair Day @ Soul Salon Spa (this one I like)

I'm natural and even when I flat iron it, I know I'm going to end up natural again by the end of the work out. lol


  1. I'm transitioning to Natural now so I am looking forward to the 'corporate world's' reaction when I flaunt my hair in my natural state. ...not any time soon, going to grow it out for like a year and some change...can't do the TWA (teeny weeny afro), my head is TOO BIG to rock that, LOL...i need some length to help me out. I'll keep you posted! great post Smokie!

  2. I have enjoyed every single hairstyle invented, just my extremist wayz, natural, permed, colored, extension, flat ironed, braided, bumped, sizzled, bar-b-qued. I am short, permed, and dyed black these days.

    flat out - it does matter what you look like. Unless your personality somehow has telepathy capabilities then you're in with the rest of us. First or later impressions still circum back to physical grading.

    If you are skilled, degreed or similar you may not have to worry about interviewing, but if getting a job is most important - straighten your hair best you can. Once you get the job, you can do as you wish, it's all up to you.

    My advice to the natural girlz.......if you have a softer texture - go natural, if your hair is nappy - perm it. No one wants to sit around looking at your naps.

    So what now doing a post about fat people next?

  3. @V - Why would I need to do a post about fat people? Make me understad the connection between fat people and naps.

    I am MAD at your advice. How can you tell someone to perm their hair???? That's like telling someone to bleach their skin!

  4. I can speak from both sides, being both fat nappy AND permed right now. That's how. lol

    And the connection between nappy and fat is the heart of the story Fox ran, and about another's perception of your image.

    I wore natural hair for years and I loved being natural. But as time passed the stance grew wearker for me. I figured that my hair nor skin or size never had anything to do with my soul. I consider the superficial as 'silly things'. I have learned thouroughly to do what pleases me, and I like straight hair, I like curly hair, I do not like dry nappy hair.

  5. @Hautetaughtvenus...Wow. That is all I can say. I am just amazed that you would say that if someone has a certain texture that person should wear their hair straight. The good ol' good hair versus bad hair will never end I guess. *Shaking my head*

  6. The suggestion that my hair in it's natural texture is not professional is really offensive. If it really is "just hair" then why am I being told that if my hair is nappy I should straighten. Shouldn't the advice be rather to make sure it is clean, combed/groomed, and neat? It will never be "just hair" when I can be looked over for a job or other opportunity. I won't ever relax my hair again but I don't have any issues with anyone who wants to for whatever reason. But we shouldn't be acting like it's "just hair" when clearly it's not.

  7. I stand by my statement that it is "just hair". It can't be anything but hair. I've been natural and no job has ever told me to straighten my hair. I really don't understand HOW they can tell you to do that in 2009. And if you have the skills and know how to carry yourself in a professional environment - and ACT LIKE YOUR HAIR IS NOT AN ISSUE TO YOU, YOURSELF - then I don't see the problem. As long as your skills are up to speed you will be fine. I know too many employed nappy headed women to think otherwise.

  8. hey Smokie! It is just hair to me (without quotes) because it's what grows out of my hair! My comment was more directed toward HautenTaught Venus. But I still think that Black hair is still too politicized for us to relax and say it's "just hair" and "why are we still talking about this?". There's still a lot of work to be done before we get to that point.

    And I agree . . . confidence is generally what makes or breaks any style.

  9. You know! I asked the same question after watching this video. Come on! Most people black or white (unless you have natural hair) can tell the difference. Straight does not equal professional.

    Check my site out. I also live in Houston.


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