Thursday, April 2, 2009

Should She Tell...?

Tammy and Angie are good friends. Both married. Tammy arrives at Angie's house. Angie's husband answers and says that she's in the kitchen. Tammy hands him $10 for a cd. As she's extending her hand with the $10, he says, "Ms. Taaaaammy..." and glides his fingers from her wrist to her finger tips to grab the money. A definite caress.

Sometime during the fast exchange, Tammy realizes it doesn't feel right and kind of pushes the money to him and pulls her hand away. As if she believes he's just joking, she quips, "Boy!" and exits the room to find her friend.

The week before, he sent a mass email soliciting bootleg cds. When Angie responded, "I don't want one of your wack remix cds; give me some good radio hip hop," he replied, "I got what you need." For a moment she wondered if he meant something behind that, then dismissed that as being paranoid.

Now, the hand caress.

1 - Should Tammy think nothing of the hand caress and the email?
2 - Should Tammy tell Angie?
3 - Should Tammy tell her husband?

Personally, I don't think she should say anything. It's all circumstantial.


  1. I'm still too tender to respond to relationship scenarios, LOLOL.

  2. Tammy should keep her mouth closed. Angie's dog of a husband really hasn't done enough to get him in trouble yet. We all know what he was up to but when the shit hits the fan Tammy will end up looking like she's trying to start something. Basically all he did was touch her when taking her money and he told her he has the music she needs. He's going to say he was just doing business. No sense in Tammy getting her husband worked up about it either.

  3. if it was me, i wouldn't say anything. a lot of women get mad at the other woman when they should be karate choppin their man.

  4. sounds like something my husband would do. he's such a damn flirt. If he were cuter and had more money he might get somewheres (some cheap ho's, that would accept a lay from a married man).

    But as for Tammy, if you are real friends you should always keep it all the way real and anty up the info.

    Men love to flirt with women they could never get just to get some type of reaction; yes even rejection.

    I'm not leaning towards an open relationship, though I'm not heading to divorce court over a tickle either. But I'm not letting THAT shit go. (Remember when I thought Ceas touched your ass - how I went upside his head!) I'd do it again.

  5. @ V - LOL LJFKLJLDSJ I thought Ceas was going to kill you. But ... nothing. lol I told her not to say anything because it's just not enough right now. Normally, I'm all for telling but man she's noid.

  6. Hey there!

    I think that clearly this husband feels that he knows her well enough to flirt and that it will not be misconstrued... if she is uncomfortable with the playful flirting then she should give him non-verbal cues to indicate that she is NOT okay with that.

    She doesn't need to run to wifey and start reporting on the husband...that is PURE childishness... she can handle anything that feels uncomfortable on her own.

    If husband ignores her non-verbal "look here, I don't play THAT" type of admonishment...then she needs to verbalize it. If he STILL doesn't respect it then she can take it to the wifey.

  7. Thank you for commenting in my lil ol blog, Lisa! Great advice, as usual. I wish I could add more to your think tank, but whoa, the sisters in there are thinking HARD! I do read every post though. One day I'll find the eloquence to respond. :-)


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