Friday, April 3, 2009

Rick Ross Runs Out of Ammo; Beyonce Soars

Rick Ross claims that 50 Cents' people tried to pay him to "fall back".

slfjkdlsjdflkdjfO*$ <-- means I'm laughing uncontrollably.

Most unappealing.

Once the streets get ahold of whatever this fool rolled in that blunt - the new crack!

I thought a rap beef was supposed to include some form of rap...?

Check out Bey's entrance in the test-run Canadian leg of her I Am... tour. The one that they call a Creole Queen is simply unstoppable.


  1. pretty cool entrance for B.

  2. people hate on beyonce, but she does have mass appeal. Hell, I even bought her first two CDs, and enjoyed my purchases.

  3. Is Ricky serious?? Now I'm wondering what is in that blunt.. I thought slim thug was the boss anyway.. lol


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