Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rick Ross' Baby Mama Tells Her Story...

...and who shall give a d@mn?

"It wasn't just the child support case that was getting me down," it reads. "It was all of it. How he treated me like he was better than me and smarter than me during our whole relationship, how when I dated him it was almost like I dated his momma because she was so involved in his life, how his pathetic first baby's mama did everything she could to disrespect me every step of the way and he did nothing, how he verbally and physically abused me, how I left my marriage to be with him. This was the last straw." (Deeper Than Rap)

Then, she goes on to tell us that she is more than Rick Ross' baby mama. Really?

"The reason I felt that it would be interesting to write a book is because I have had a very big struggle in my life," Tia said in an interview. "I grew up without a father, my mom was a single parent and it was very hard for her to raise six kids on her own. Being the oldest, I experienced a lot of things growing up, a lot of challenges in life that I went through. I got married young, I had two kids and after that I ended up getting in a another relationship...When I met Ross he wasn't a celebrity. There are a lot of things that I experienced in my life before I met Ross that was overwhelming or outrageous or just crazy. And there are a lot of things that we went through that I thought would be very interesting for people out in the world to hear." (XXL Mag)
She would have done better to embellish her story a little bit and write a "Coldest Winter"-type good ghetto read. Instead we have to read her first person, self authored, regular old hood rat story. Hell, I can just go around the corner and hear about some good hood baby mama drama.

In other news, Ricky Ross sold 150K units of his new CD. I don't feel like researching the name of said CD because much like I feel for Tia's book, I just can't care to that level.


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