Thursday, April 16, 2009

Melissa Huckaby: Child Rapist and Killer

Huckaby is charged with one count of murder that includes tacked-on "special circumstances" for kidnapping, lewd conduct with a child and rape by a foreign object. The "special circumstances" means prosecutors could seek the death penalty.
If they don't, Huckaby faces life without parole if convicted. Prosecutors did not offer a motive for the shocking crime.

This trash. This nothing, pedophilic, sick, deranged piece of a woman. What is the world coming to when you can’t trust your daughter’s playmate’s mom? We’re conditioned not to trust men with our daughters, but now we can’t trust the women either? I know they kill behind men and they love to kill pregnant women for their fetuses, but since when did they start kidnapping and raping their daughter’s friends? Exactly what kind of demon is that? Whatever kind it is, I think it needs the death penalty.

Why are so many people trying to give this woman an excuse?
fishystory Apr 15, 2009 1:20:52 PM
I still don't get why the police are not saying more. How are they sure this was Huckaby's doing? Why are they refusing to look for other suspects? Are they positive she did this? Death is quite a penalty if it turns out to be someone else who got away with this and the media will never show it, if that is the case

Watching Huckaby's tears as charges of kidnapping, molestation, and murder were levied against her in court yesterday, I could tell she was ashamed - her body language gives every indication of it. Her darkest secrets are now exposed for all the world to see. Her family has said that this was out of character for her, but we have a hard time recognizing problems in our own children. It's like the mom who keeps wondering why her son isn't married yet, when everyone else can clearly see he's gay.

As upsetting and shocking as the circumstances of the child's death are, it doesn't mean Huckaby is crazy. Emotionally traumatized, with no functional way to release her pain and anger, yes. Diminished capacity? Likely, and if so, in California, that will save her from the death penalty. Crazy, no.
She’s quite possibly mentally insane; I’ll give her that. But are not mentally insane people throughout the prisons? Aren’t most people who would do what she did, insane?

The most likely scenario, in my mind, is that she probably did this kind of thing before. Not the killing part. So, this time the little girl says she’s going to tell and Huckaby kills her. Or this could have been her first time and she panicked – or got crazy and enraged – and killed the poor girl. Regardless, a life time of jail is in order. If not death.

Why do some women kill.

** Note: I like true crime. Would it be inappropriate to profile a killer once or twice a month? Would it creep you out if I profiled Ted Bundy or the Green River Killer?


  1. she is gross and i see the devil when i see this pic, chilling.

  2. This sorry excuse of a human life is going to hell with gasoline draws on! And I hope this Shedevil knows that you cant stop drop and roll in hell...

    If its one thing I cant tolerate its child predators! Sicko!

  3. @ Smokie, I like true crime too, as a matter of fact I stay on Court T.V and I think you should profile both of those, it would make a great post.

    Much Love

  4. I like to read about it yeah, but i really like the pictures.

    (I was trying to sound crazy)

  5. *humph* I say fry the bytch! Insane my ass... was she feeling insane when she was getting a rise off of sexually maniuplating this child. I hate these perverts!


    P.S. No it wouldn't creep me out! Go for it smokie!

  6. Smokie, I was molested by a woman when I was six years old (and I'm a woman). And I tell you, there are women out here that are just as sick as these pedophile men.


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