Thursday, April 30, 2009

No More Milkshake for Nas

Kelis' pregnancy hormones went completely crazy and made her file for divorce from my baby Nas. Lord, if I wasn't married and Swine flu wasn't in NY, I'd be on the next plane out to console and/or stalk Nasir Jones. Believe it.
The marriage between Queensbridge, NY rapper Nas and R&B songbird Kelis is officially over.

Vibe magazine reports that divorce papers were filed around 3:45 p.m. today (April 30) by attorney Laura Wasser on behalf of Kelis.

The songstress cited verbal abuse and infidelity as the reasons behind the filing.
Whatever. If you'll look at the divorce paper(s?) below, you'll see that she filed on 4/20. Is she leaving him because he smokes too much??? Aaand the paper says they were married in 2003. I thought they were married in 2005. If they really did tie the knot in '03, that means they married right after they met, which makes this even that much more tragic!

Sad, sad, sad! I so wanted them to be tighter than Florida and James.


  1. I think the year is wrong...they got married in 05

    I saw Nas last week, flying solo at Luckie Lounge, but I just figured it was because Kelis was preggo, but I wonder what the last straw was??

  2. Awww . . . I so wanted them to last. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they reconcile!!


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