Monday, April 13, 2009

Quick Weave and More

Quick Weave

Who knew?

The Obamas’ New Dog: Bo

Love that he named it after Bo Diddly.


Pras in Danger?

Pras from the Fuggies has an interesting Twitter page. Apparently he's filming a documentary in Sudan and his mental and physical state isn't too good. I used to have a low grade crush on Pras.


Interesting. Cassie needs to do something to make us notice her.

She channels Rihanna in this one.


The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

The good: Jill Scott is great, everything seems authentic (but I’m not from Botswana), and Akini Noni Rose is fantastic on screen!

The bad: I fell asleep the first time I watched. Ok, it was 3 am. I’ll have to watch again. I liked it, and I expected the pilot episode to move a little slowly. I really hope the series lasts because it seems like it’ll be quality entertainment. And I’m tired of watching everything American. We have an African president!

Bow Wow Strikes Out

After confessing that Angela Simmons was the love of his life, Bow Wow got shut down with the quickness. From Angela Simmons' Twitter page:

Hey global grind fam. Just checkin in with ya and keeping you updated with my life. Before i tell you guys about whats going on with me i wanted to address summtin that i’ve been hearing lately. i jus want to shut down any and all rumors about my relationships because you know how that can get. i am currently in the happiest relationship i have eva been in and MY other half lives in texas. so thats all i will say about that. Any person i have talked to in the past i wish them the best of luck . So anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy im excited about easter and going home to nyc to see my fam tm . im kinda feeling homesick lol. first time in 2 yrs. its finally really cacthing up to me man. i travel so much that i dont realize how long im away from home shesssssh.:) well g2g go get the hair done and have movie night with my sis and cuzzin.

so ill ttyl guys

well thanks for the love

Poor lil dude. First he sells an embarassing $18K the first week and then he gets dissed by an Angela Simmons?



  1. yeah, I feel sorry for Bow Wow...guys always realize what they had when its too late.

  2. Man! Cassie really tripping. Who shaves thier hair off like that, not cool cassie, not cool at all.

    Chris Tucker, while I enjoy him, I'm not too sure about his comeback. ups to him though.

  3. I wore quickweaves for my winter style, to protect my hair from the cold. I didn't watch the whole vid you posted but the method I used didn't involve me gluing the weave to my actual hair.

    Now both Cassie and Bow Wow are attention whores,

  4. Ok I watched more of the video, I use wrap strips in between my hair and the stocking cap. Other than that its the same thing.


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