Monday, April 13, 2009

Mel Gibson's Wife Is DONE.

From TMZ:

We've learned Mel Gibson's wife Robyn has just filed legal papers to divorce Mel Gibson, her husband of 28 years, citing "irreconcilable differences."

Sources tell us there is no prenuptial agreement -- they were married in 1980, before Mel Gibson amassed a fortune estimated at $900 million back in 2006. Under the laws of California, community property -- which includes earnings -- is divided 50/50.

The Gibson's have 7 children, but only one -- Tom, who turns 10 tomorrow -- is a minor. In Robyn's legal papers filed this morning in L.A. County Superior Court, she seeks joint physical and legal custody of Tom. Robyn is also asking for spousal support and attorneys fees.

Mel Gibson's wife is fed up. Sick and tired of all the drinking and screwing around. There she is, still slim after having all those kids because Mel probably doesn't believe in contraception, and how does he repay her? In racist drunken rants and quite possibly in one night stands after racist drunken rants. Yeah, do the Nicole Murphy on him and enjoy yourself Robyn.

I guess this is what happens when you hire a Slovakian/Swiss/Irish man to play Jesus Christ.


Fun times.


  1. wow, everyone reaps what they sow.

  2. dude looks like fun

  3. I love Mel even after all the drinking! I would have to get more dirt on him to turn my back on him...I'm sorry!

    I understand it can be hard living with a drunk in the real world so a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do even if she is married to a filthy rich very handsome white guy!


  4. TAGGED, you are it. check out my blog for details.


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