Friday, April 3, 2009

Why I Don't Twitter

Twittering, in essence, puts every twitterer on Reality Computer. Sure, MySpace told the world if you were happy, sad, indifferent, confused or whatever, but Twitter has taken it to a completely different level. Now we are privy to all the mundane truths and exotic fallacies of the serious twitterer's life. Too much.

There are practical purposes for twittering, but who can resist the narcissistic allure of reporting every restroom visit and personal thought to anyone who wants to know? In 140 characters or less at a time, that is.

My life online is already consumed by 30+ gossip and news sites, addicting blogs, and this blog. Anymore free online presence is overkill.

I do like a little mystery within myself and of those I encounter. I really don't want to know that you're pulling into the parking lot for school or that you just spent 6 hours at the beauty salon. And if anyone does want to clock you to that extent, I have to wonder why. To me, constant twittering is akin to "forgetting to stop and smell the roses". While you're bent over typing to the world about that sexy guy next to you on the train, you could be looking at him with an "it's on" smile in your eyes...


  1. YESS!!!! I feel the exact same way. I'm actually not a fan of myspace or facebook sister and friends always clown me, telling me to get with the times, but I choose not too...its all corny to me. :/

  2. Let the church say...AMEN ! I just don't get it.

  3. You are so right. I blog and am on Facebook, which I like since it allows me to stay in stay in touch with friends and reconnect with old friends. However I recently signed up for Twitter and am just like what's the point?

    Its just too much, I mean who cares to know that many details about my life and why do I want to provide them?

    So yeah, I am with you 100%.

  4. Very well-said. I've been wondering about all the hype myself.

  5. Hey there!

    I joined Twitter in December and I notice that people include all sorts of appropriate "TMI" in Twitterworld.... one person posted about her menstrual cycle...

    Do we REALLY need to know?!!


  6. twitter is kinda for those who want to know everything, because some people put it out there. For me, it's a place to jot my random thoughts, which is what I usually tweet (or twit, whateva). It's interesting to go back and read what was going through my head.


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