Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Kind of Superhero Are You?

This was sparked by a craaaaaaazy conversation I just had.

Tell me, if you were a Superhero, what would your powers be? One real power, and one power that's reflective of your personality.

My real power would be to know everything. EVERYTHING. Wondering why your man won't answer his phone? I'd swoop down and tell you if you deserved to know. On a game show, trying to win some money to BALL? I'd swoop down and give you the answer if you deserved it. Despondent and contemplating the meaning of life? SchoolGirl would break it down to you and then kill you because now you know too much. (Everything has its downside.)

My other power is NOT my idea, but I since I can't think of anything better, I'd be The Critique... If you're wondering exactly why you didn't get the job, the man, the life...I'd touch you on your head, look you up and down, inside and out, and tell you each and every fault you possess. Yeah.


  1. good question...I got to think on that and come back.

  2. I'd be SuperDJ. Come in the party and make it jump in NY, china, houston. wherever baby.

  3. I would want my power to be a "BullSh*t Detector"...the moment someone is gaming me or straight out lying, I would zap them into oblivion. The power that reflects my personality would be to insert my carefree, humorous spirit on a person when they are feeling down.

  4. I would be Can-Do Girl! Whenever someone is stuck and can't get past anything, they'd call me and I'd be there.

  5. cool graphic. i'd probably be like Storm...able to change the weather. really into brightening up a day if the rain dampens it. Personality wise i gues I'd want to be a super knife thrower. just be able to do all kinda stuff with knives. sculpt, maime, whatever lol


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