Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beyonce Loves Her Mom

Awww, Beyonce comes to tears when talking about how much Mama Tina means to her.

I hope Tina's not sick.
Did Beyonce kinda diss Matthew?

And I don't have a damn thing to say about that jacked up audio that Howard Stern played today. Old rancid dropface Howard was just laughing and sniggling like he'd found the key to the end of Bey's career. I'd seen the Today Show video earlier this year on hate on beyonce . com, but I didn't believe the hype then and don't believe it now. You can't Milli Vanilli people for 12 years.

Guess I did have a damn thing to say.


  1. yeah, I saw this vid earlier. Yes, Tina looks sick, if she isn't sick, she needs to put back on a couple pounds and yes Bey did jump to giving props to her mom really quick so I feel how you would think that was a diss at dad too.

  2. You know that was Bey.



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