Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crazy on Aisle 5

It's storming outside, so I'm on Bear's laptop under the dryer. Funny, I've never really used it as a LAP top before. Anyway. Tonight I'm trying a deep conditioner with mayonnaise and 2 eggs. Gross, I know. I don't eat mayo and who wants to smell like a sandwhich they don't even eat? But I hear it's supposed to be really good for my hair and that it'll bring on the shine. We'll see.

In the meantime, sitting under the dryer is like the most boring-est thing a person can do ever. This and waiting at the foodstamp office (past issue for a brief moment). I guess sitting here will force me to wrap up a chapter of the book. I've been totally slacking in that area while Steve Harvey has been on Oprah at least twice. No offense to Steve, but my book should have been finished long before his. How did I get offtrack?? I guess that's why he has the fame and I can't say the same. Such is life. :-)

Yesterday in my favorite neighborhood store, Target, I got the ish scared out of me. I don't know if I was just fatigued from being up all night the night before or if I really did run into a potential problem:

I was almost done shopping, coming off of one of the last aisles in the store when a light skinned black guy - 6ft 1in, 4 days' stubble, around 26-31 - walked up to the side of me and said, "Hi". He put his hands behind his neck and I just said, "Hi" in return.

He looked at me and asked, "Don't you just hate it when good things happen to bad people?"

Red flag.

"Uh yeah, I do."

He looked in my eyes like he was about to share some unreal info, but he just said, "I do too. You know what? Something bad happened to me today."

I was fully nervous by now and dialing Bear as a distraction. "It did?" I asked as I rounded the aisle and then almost skated away with the basket. I had to know if the stranger was following, so I turned around and saw a few shoppers in between us. He just looked at me and lifted his hands like, "What's up?" But he wasn't smiling, just still looking at me with that deep, blank stare. Almost mad.

Unfortunately my trip to the store was cut short, and in my haste to leave, I forgot to pick up some deep conditioner. Hence, the mayo and egg mixture.


  1. uh..scary. and he had the nerve to act like you were the crazy one, lolol.

  2. Girl.

    he mighta really needed you. But no matter know for sure if he got it his way, he would have gotten you number in the end. The lines get slicker and slicker. you're smart to just skate away.

    But be sure to kick the person who told you to put mayo and pickles in your hair! they got one over on you!

  3. Mayo and EGG. My hair is real soft. I love this!!


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