Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 vs 2009. . .

Yeah, I'm real excited about the new year. And just like the picture indicates, I'm driving forward — not even worried about what happened or didn't happen in 2008. I'm all about moving forward. I'm strapped in and ready to take it 10 levels higher in 2009!

In 2008, I worked kind of hard at a pretty nice job.
In 2009, I'll work hard at my 9-5, but I'll be out of there before 2010.

In 2008, I got in everyone else's business, trying to help bring peace to their lives.
In 2009, I'm getting in my own business and showing my concern for women by finishing my BOOK and getting paid.

In 2008, I screamed, beat, begged, and bartered my active son into behaving as a young man should.
In 2009, I'll calmly put my foot down and that's that.

In 2008, my money managed me.
In 2009, I'll manage my money to the fullest.

In 2008, I cooked Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in an apartment.
In 2009, I'll be cooking Easter dinner in a laid house.

In 2008, I stopped swimming and walking 3 times a week.
In 2009, I'm joining the gym up the street.

In 2008, I didn't go to church nearly
In 2009, I'll be a regular (in the pews).

In 2008, I lost a brand new cell phone.
In 2009, I'll get a better one. ;-)

What are you doing in 2009?


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