Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rocko Goes to Jail for Alleged Assault

Atlanta rapper Rocko has been sentenced to 48 hours in prison after he pleaded no contest to striking a woman during an altercation in February of 2007. Rocko pleaded no contest to battery charges during the incident, in which he struck the woman, causing injuries and contusions to her face and eyes.

Rocko, born Rodney Hill Jr., is engaged to R&B singer Monica and the couple have two children together. The rapper is the CEO of Rocky Road Records and released his debut album Self Made through a distribution deal with So So Def/Island Urban. Rocko, who has also worked with artists like Hitman Sammy Sam, Young Dro and Dem Franchize Boyz, hit big with his own single "Umma Do Me." He must also serve 12 months probation and complete an unspecified amount of community service, as reported by AllHipHop.com. Spotted at Livesteez.

Click here to read Rocko's side, according to SandraRose:

"I got the receipts from where I paid for the whole thing and she's sitting in my seat! She tried to disrespect me [and] I said, 'look, that's not even called for. Could you just slide over a little bit?' I'm in my space which I paid for, minding my own business and she grabbed my glasses which I paid for and crushed them to pieces! When I come out I don't come out to start trouble. I'm not like these other guys."

Referring to his accuser, Rocko said, "She tried to see who she could see [and] meet who she could meet. Matter of fact, the police told me that someone said she was trying to go into my pockets," he said. "All I know is she grabbed my $2000 Cartier glasses and crushed them to pieces. I didn't hit her. My entourage - there was a lot of us - all I know is, I saw security throw her out. That's all I remember."

In response to the accusation that he punched his accuser, Rocko said, "Of course she's going to say that because she sees dollar signs! I know I didn't hit her. If Monica wasn't already in the back, she probably would say Monica hit her." Monica also seconded that saying, "I would be the one more likely to hit anybody than Rocko." Monica disputed the young lady's account saying, "I have experience with this man for the past 6 years. He would have to have a total out-of-boy experience to punch out a woman!" Monica also stressed that she has never been punched or assaulted by Rocko.

I also spoke with an inside source independently of both Rocko and Monica. My source has provided me with good info in the past and his credibility is solid. He also had a VIP booth and has no reason to lie about what he saw. His exact words were, "how could he punch her? There were too many people around. She was running off at the mouth in VIP and club security put her out." My source was adamant that Rocko did not hit the accuser. As for Monica making references to carrying a gun in her purse. That's not in Monica's character to say that especially with the police standing right there.

The young lady definitely sustained an injury to her eye, but there is no corroborating evidence that Rocko was the cause of her injuries. If I knew Rocko to be a hooligan in the clubs I would say there's a possibility, but I've never witnessed that.

Ok, all of that is well and good, but why plead no contest? No contest = guilty.

I haven’t "known this man for 6 years", so I can’t say if he hit the broad or not. I do know, however, that you don’t have to give a woman a black eye to get her out of your face.

And Monica, I love you, and I know you got the red hair and the sleeve on your arm (tat)...lotta wild and crazy ghetto stuff going on.... but I do not see you hitting anybody. I can see Monica talking to all parties involved in an effort to diffuse the problem, but just walk up and hit a B? Naaaah. LOL


  1. That boy know he sucka punched ole girl and had her carried out by security

    **allegedly of course

  2. i actually know hannah personally and yes that nigga hit her.. smh


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