Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Hate a Thief

So I lost my phone. Someone quickly found it, kept it, and I had to buy a new CHEAP A** phone.

I'm pissed.

Ok, I played with my new phone a lot, a whole lot. I was watching the little home video, below, while following my husband in my car to the bank... and I quickly tossed the phone somewhere so that Bear wouldn't see me playing with it while driving...again.

I don't know if I threw it in my new jacket with the supposedly deep pockets or if I threw it in the car seat and some HOODLUM reached in and retrieved it while I was in the bank. All I know is that within 15 minutes of viewing that video, I was calling my cell phone and someone was answering, hanging up, and sending it to voice mail. I KNOW I could whip their devilish asses if I could just get them in arm shot.


I know they saw all of my Xmas videos and pictures with me BEAMING about my new phone. I know they saw me turning cartwheels and BEAMING about my new phone. I sent them one text message before Bear swiftly cut off the phone. I didn't want to offer a reward for MY phone so I just said: Jesus is Watching! *LOL*

I went out and bought some cheap replacement phone until I can get another super phone next week. This week is the boy's 13th birthday and I have to make a sacrifice. :-)

Luckily my homegirl saved the video... It's grainy though and I can't embed it because her Sprint service/phone is wack.

Click here to see video.

Also, the new phone is not really fly, but Bear did manage to take the artistic picture that I'm using in the header now. He took it while I was sleeping.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year! Do something productive!

The pictures on this page were taken with the lost/stolen phone. I don't even want to share what the new phone is doing. ~sigh~

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