Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Trina Thought

I just listened to a lot of Keyshia Cole tonight, and this was one of the songs in rotation. As ghetto as Keyshia may look sometimes, she can really sing - soft, strong, whatever. (At least she can sing in the studio...?) Anyway. Here Keyshia is, sounding all soft and womanly, just coasting on the track... and Trina jumps on sounding like Lil Boosie. I'm pissed!


  1. lol! YESS! funny story when I heard this song. I was chillin surfing the net listening to this right....when Trina came on, I hoped up and looked for new windows that maybe popped up on my screen, because CLEARLY, this can't be the same song.

  2. lol @ saved girl

    Keyshia sounds real nice in this song and Meaghan Goode's man is a fine sexy piece of chocolate if I may say so myself


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