Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christina Milian - Us Against the World

Us Against The World - Official Music Video

Christina Milian is cute as can be ....and booooooRING. I've been trying to figure out just why she comes across so boring and all I can come up with is that she's real soulless. You know, soulless - like Obama would come across if he weren't really a brother from Chi-town. Obama could have been handsome and soulless. But instead he has this interesting personality that fills his smile and actions with....soul. Christina is missing that ingredient AS FAR AS I CAN TELL. And to be clear soulless is not the opposite of soulful (i.e., country/behind the times). It's more of ...'s BORING.

I don't know what Christina can do to drum up some interest. Surely, this lullaby won't put her on anybody's mind.

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