Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stop Being So Hot!

The guy in this video speaks the truth. And if any woman doesn't believe him, she's kidding herself. FOR REAL. Sex can happen, but I think that if you want something meaningful, the sex should probably wait. You want it to be the icing on the cake. It can't be the whole meal and the table it sits on.

Sex (love) hungry women might want to heed dude's advice. Now, when he says that you have to bash it into a guy's head (watch the video), I do not take that to mean that you should be cooking up a storm and patiently waiting on a man to want you. No, this just means keep doing you -- the you that makes a man crave a woman for more than what's between her legs (as they guy in the video so eloquently says lol).

Source - Black Femininity Blog


  1. I think that was very good advice. So many women do give in to sex thinking that will make them the more likely candidate. With age and experiences I learned a while ago that rushing it isn't necessary.

  2. I LOVE Gurltalkktv! He would be such a good big brother...or daddy (I think). Little girls need guys like this in their lives!


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