Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crazy Lil Wayne Interview

I don't know how I missed this one.
How do you keep track of ideas?
The good thing about that is that, thank God, I’m actually infatuated and in love with what I do, therefore I am what I do. So I never have to forget because I never have to remember, I just am. I don’t need to write stuff down.

What about your songs. You never write them down?
I just say it. Say it when it gets in my head, the beat. Whatever comes in my mind at that moment.

So it’s always spontaneous?
Of course. I believe anything other than that—then why go buy it? Then you could do it, she could do it.

I couldn’t do it even if I wrote it down.
But you could read what’s on the paper, right? So basically anybody that could read could recite it. That takes something away from it. But if I walk up to a guy and say “Rap for me,” he’s going to say something. His characteristics or whatever. I’m going to get what I love about him, just from his presence. That’s why you never saw me rap no TV shows. Other rappers be having to rap after an interview. So can you spit something for us? They never ask me to do that because the interview is so compelling that they actually got Lil Wayne.

I always tell somebody that’s why I am good, that’s why I’m okay, because I’m being me, I’m doing me. Now the day I gotta write stuff down—no one can believe what’s written down.

Perfect example: If I was a bum and I told you I had a mansion around the corner and three Bentleys and twenty-eight bitches in my house butt naked waiting for me, you wouldn’t believe me. I’d say you stink, say Get out my face, give him $100, and say Get the fuck.

But if there was a book that said, there was this bum with a mansion with twenty bitches in it, you’ll try to use it and put it toward real life. That’s why I don’t write nothing down. That’s why I don’t believe the Bible, nothing that’s written, because nothing that’s written is to be believed. Full story here.
When he comes out of this long stupor, Wayne's gonna be #1 - shocked at all the ink on his body and #2 - shocked at all the craaaazy things he's said. As per usual, I blame Baby.

Lost - Gorilla Zo feat. Lil Wayne

I'm a need counseling
I lost my mind and still haven't found it
I used to be so well-rounded
But now I tiptoe on hell's boundaries
F. Baby A.K.A. crazy
Trapped in a maze, therefore I am amazing
Block E the doc, I'm just a patient
And even with Navigation
I'm lost on a...


  1. Crazy, indeed...but why is the answer to the "How do you keep track of ideas?" FIRE!!!! thats a hot perspective...come on Smokie, give it up. smile.

  2. Oh yeah, Saved Girl, I'm torn between Wayne's craziness and genius...

  3. lmao! man he is just....him.. i guess

  4. LoL . .. Smokie, I'm leaning more towards crazy, honestly. I was following what he was saying and feeling him up until the bum part. Huh?? LiL Wayne, please go sit down and read a book somewhere. It's important. Ignorance is not always bliss.


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