Monday, January 19, 2009

"Notorious" Movie Review

Some guy named Gravy plays Biggie and yeah, he looks like Big. He talks like him. He even raps like him. Almost. The only flaw that I could see was that he may have made Big softer than he really was. But, dude did a good job.

Derek Luke (lol), bless his soul, did his best. It was funny watching him trying to match Puff's energy. He bounced all over the place. He had me rollin'. LOL

Never-before-seen Antonique Smith played Faith Evans. She did a great job. During the course of the movie she went from funny looking to cute back to funny looking to beautiful to cute. It was weird. I don't know if Faith was really the damn near virginal queen who she's portrayed as in the movie.

Naturi Naughton played Lil Kim. And LMAO @ how they portrayed Lil Kim in the film!! Naturi did a fantastic job of being the woman she was written to be. Watching this movie makes you wonder just how delusional Lil Kim is. Right now Kim is probably pretty pissed.

The guy who played Pac (I don't feel like searching for his name and it doesn't even really matter) was OK. I thought it was cute how he kept a "Thug Life" hat on for easy identification. According to this story, Pac was wild and 'noid (believeable) and Biggie was a gentle innocent giant. Hmm.... I don't know about all that.

All in all, I thought Notorious was entertaining, fast paced enough, and well acted. I liked the trip back to the 90s. Good movie.

Grade: B

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