Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Coolness Factor...?

Yes, Obama is "cool", but I think other races might just be giving him more cool points than necessary. After watching this clip, I am convinced that what other races think is sooo cool, is just a regular old black man. I don't know any presidential candidates, but I know plenty of black men who carry themselves as Obama carries himself. I said "carry themselves" — I didn't say "achieve".

In the clip above, Obama admits that this election is an extraordinary personal moment for him. Before that, he flashes that killer smile. Still, the other race interviewer says, "...remarkable moment, but you're still pretty cool in describing it. In private, do you get more emotional?" How emotional do they want him to get? Are they waiting on him to weap, moan, roll on the floor, and scream, "We done over came!!!"

Are they only comfortable with us cooning, laughing, falling out, crying on occassion, and talking reckless?

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