Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kanye Wesssssst and Friendsssssss

Interesting crew there, Kanye.

I'm reeeally trying not to be too judgemental in 2009, but aw hell, how many straight men have gay crews? Not that there's anything wrong, per say with being gay (only you and God know how He made you), but man... you gonna do it like this Kanye? And your new alias is Martin Louis The King, Jr.? Who changes their name when they are born with a name like KANYE? You already have a unique, celebrity-worthy name, man!

I'll give Kanye a pass because he's probably still grieving. He's really alone in the world now, just trying to make it and I sure hope he comes out okay. As arrogant as Kanye can be, it's hard not to feel for him and most of the time his music is jammin, so...

I wish he liked women so he could get a good one by his side.


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  1. I wish he had a stylist and didnt think that he he was one himself



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