Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The New Definition of Safe Sex?

I was talking to a friend the other day and she mentioned getting tested (THE Test) and having her new dude get tested too. After they pass the tests, they can just go at it and have wild, free, condom-less sex.

As a black woman.

In America.

In 2009.

I got to wondering after that conversation: do other black women use HIV tests as condoms?

So, let's suppose that the guy has the same arrangement with another girl, who has the same arrangement with another guy, who is hitting all kinds of girls raw. Or lets say that the dude is hitting other girls raw, but you were the only one who made him take THE TEST. He took it; he's still hitting other girls raw. You'll get tested again and maybe you'll be ok, maybe not.

In practice, the test is your condom? The test is your only form of protection...? I don't know if that's the full goal of the whole "Know Your Status" campaign. What's the point in checking your status after having unsafe sex (safe sex = condoms) over and over? How have you taken control of your body in an effort to get a negative result? You just took a test? Is that safe/r? How? By not passing it along to someone else after you FINALLY TEST POSITIVE ? By knowing exactly who GAVE IT TO YOU?

Ladies, we can't play Coochie Roulette! You can't trust a new man (and even a man you are committed to in some cases) with your Coochie!

Not strapping up between HIV tests is like not studying for a test and depending on your innate smarts to pass the test. You'll pass a lot of times but eventually you're going to go to college and discover that you have to study between tests to pass.

Question of the day: At what point do you decide to go condom-less? After you take a test or after you are committed and know him better?

This has been a Smokie Says Health Message.

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  1. I would say it would have to be close to marriage. And must know that it's just going to be us. No break up and make ups in between. Other than that gotta stay strapped like movie.

    Good Post!


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